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If you're reading this it's not too late.

Well it might be, depends on when you're reading it. Anyway, forget I used an outdated Drake meme just now and let's focus on the goods. Radry hasn't been in the game for long, so I'm pretty pumped to announce my first collab is with none other than the fine gents at Lie + Loft. I must have done something right if they were willing to share signing space on some prints.

"I first found Radry after seeing an illustration of Buttsy whipping it in a golf cart -- I thought, dude, whoever drew this has some design skills, and I've been a fan ever since. It's awesome to see others using illustrations, graphic design, and art to bring golf to life. We're stoked to collab on this first run + to get some Radry prints up on the wall!" - Luke from L+L

But in all honesty, It's a perfect match. I obsess over art and they just so happen to take said art and make it look bomb and sellable. Oh and golf... weird coincidence, we're both just a tad into golf. So when we slid into each others DMs and began chopping up the idea to do some prints, I wanted to put some thought into something special and not just use some designs I had already done. 

So I thought if golf were an art style, what would it be. I immediately thought of my very average swing and how in the world a golf ball can find the fairway occasionally. It's amazing to be honest. I come so far over the top that I might as well be playing croquet (ok it's not that bad). But, I thought about the beauty in the chaos of abstract pieces and how that can relate to the golf swing. They're both so wild with things flying everywhere, but yet they can somehow come together for one split second and work. They can still feel balanced and give you a sense of peace even if it doesn't quite make sense to your brain. I'm sure you've come across that same feeling out on the course. Dave over there looks like a freshly born alpaca on ice trying to swing an ax, yet still launched a seed down the middle of the fairway, club twirled in my face, and picked up his tee before the ball even reached its apex. WTF. So... if all anyone saw was where the ball ended up on good shots, does how it got there really matter? Paging Ho Sung Choi and Matthew Wolff.

"No two golf swings are the same and there's something artistic about that.  What I really dug about this piece is that specific form is stripped down; shapes tell the tale of the journey from tee to green." - Luke from L+L  

Don't get me wrong, I would do unspeakable things for a "text book" swing, but I'm in no rush. For now I'm just enjoying golf and swinging my swing. 

This collab features the three different designs shown above with ONLY 10 prints of each being made available. All hand numbered and signed and printed on 8"x10" 210 gsm heavyweight matte paper with archival quality. They will drop Wednesday, Feb 6th at 6pm CST right here on the web-store.  

Tony Knapton



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Jun 11, 2019

Hi Radry, EAL sent me here after he posted the Ace Cam GIF on Instagram. I started reading more about your brand and just wanted to reach out and send some love. Just finished reading the L+L post and well…I’m a little late to purchase the prints lol. All good though! Looking forward to what you create in the further. Cheers! -Robbie

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