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When you label something an “experiment,” you no longer have to be a perfectionist. The sole outcome of your experiment is knowledge. Learning. And there’s a natural freeing of the mind that comes when all you’re doing is learning for learning’s sake. You take the greatest threat to creativity — “perfection” — and you toss it out of bounds.

This is the core of what Radry stands for. It’s at the core of golf. It’s the very core of art.

With that said, we're going to run a social experiment. Our web-store is now completely invite only with a variety of tiers that unlock different kinds of privileges. These privileges could include early access, discounts, free shipping, raffles, exclusive product etc. What you get, and how you get it, is a mystery. The tiers (in order) are:


With more premium, low run, numbered, and original items in the pipeline, I wanted to really focus on supporting those who support me the most. Just like in the art world, I'd rather focus on giving collectors first dibs with benefits than blindly marketing to people who don't give a fuxk.  


So how do you get access?

If you've signed up for the email in the past, an account registration email will be heading your way. If you're new, you'll have to register an account with this link. It is password protected, so you'll have to get an invite password from someone who has one. There will also be small registration windows for people who sign up for the newsletter below... or pay close attention to our social media channels.