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Not gonna lie, I look forward to Justin Thomas' yearly New Years IG post. It's a simple screen grab from his notes app with a checklist of things he wants to achieve that year. Things like number of wins, certain stats he wants to achieve, and so on. It's simple, intentional, and there's accountability by putting it out into the world.

So here's where my head is at for 2024:

[  ]   3 collaborations
[  ]   Finish a wholesale website
[  ]   Get into 2 international retail locations
[  ]   Release 3 original canvas paintings
[  ]   Introduce 4 new apparel silhouettes 
[  ]   Get over 10k followers on Instagram
[  ]   Write at least 24 of these journal posts
[  ]   Release a figurine
[  ]   Release a coffee table book/zine 

Looking at the list is a little overwhelming not going to lie. The point however is just knowing where to put my energy. These are the most important things to me for this year and I have to stay true to it. Example: Should I make a Radry golf bag this year? Probably not from scratch... but maybe a collaboration of some sort. It helps make decisions like this quickly. Next step is to break each of these down into smaller tasks that lead to completing this list. That's how I will ultimately set up my week/month goals.  

We'll check back in next year.



Looking forward to the figure and the zine! Good luck on the goals, we got this.

Aaron Munn

just wanted to say that I really like what you do. Your art is dope and your pursuit of excellence in your apparel work is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey. Stay Trappy

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