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Journal entry number 1... of hopefully many. Consider this one of my New Year resolutions. My goal is to drop at least one a week where I document things I'm working on, the struggles, the wins, yadda yadda yadda. 

In a world full of quick dopamine hits on the internet with quick attention grabbing reels, I wanted to organize my thoughts in a more normal fashion. I can make reels and I enjoy the connection with you all, but I feel like this is more of a personal space for me. One where I can ramble along and not worry about whether your 15 second attention span is almost up. If you don't read the whole thing, that's totally fine. These are more for me than you anyway. I've got kids and maybe they'd like to read these some day in the future. 


One thing I'm trying to work on, is trying not to let perfection win. I have a habit of taking an idea and turning it into something bigger than it is because it has to be perfect and well thought out... to the point where I don't even want to start it because it feels too daunting. Like journaling. I have no idea what the next entry will be about, but that doesn't matter because I've started. Huge W **indulges in celebratory sour patch kids because sometimes I have to bribe myself with candy to accomplish small tasks**. I'm also letting you know that I'm not a writer and have no appetite to re-read these to fix spelling errors or run it through some AI to fix run-ons. Again, trying to make the barrier of entry as easy as possible for myself so these things get done.

This past week

I noticed that the website was about 12 updates behind and the newest version of it had some cool features that I might want to use. The problem is that I have a bunch of custom code in the backend that doesn't transfer over with the update. So I have to manually dig in and copy paste over. So I shut things down so I could mess with things live and not worry about peeps bumming around. 

I'm also working on a home goods section for the website. I've been making apparel for over a decade now and I think making weird random things that you can't wear is intriguing to me. I'm currently mocking up a candle as we speak. Probably in the shape of a golf cart so it will slowly melt away as it burns... how poetic. Art will also be a focal point for me this year. So buckle up for lots of prints and original paintings, especially here in Q1. 

They say journaling is healthy for you, so if my math is correct then it should be healthy for a business as well? 

I suck at math.




Keep being you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Tyler z

here for the journal, here for the candle.


Thank you for sharing and inspiring! I’m Also getting on that journal in 2024. Aiming for a page of “stream of consciousness” a day. Much love on the journaling journey.


pumped to read these throughout the year, and big fan of the site updates. you’re a big inspiration and your work has made my brain explode this year (positively). guys like you make me wanna contribute to this cool-ass space golf is becoming. so thanks for giving me that drive man!
- @chrisgoesscratch

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